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What people are saying about Green Tara Project:

This was really helpful not just to help us defend ourselves but there were girls who were shy, had lack of confidence in themselves but now things are different, the moment she was asked to scream while practicing that helped her get over her fears. We will now not just take care of ourselves but also other women in danger.”
--– Class Participant at Save Our Sisters, 2016

Since a very young age we were taught that a girl can’t protect herself and needs to depend on others, but now we can take care of our self. We have learnt to be ready for any harmful situation. We will remember this forever and we will now be more cautious.”
--– Class Participant at Save Our Sisters, 2016

Initially we were so helpless and we could not do anything to protect ourselves but now we feel so confident that we can protect our self and our friends too. We have learnt different techniques and strategies to protect ourselves.”
--– Class Participant at Save Our Sisters, 2016

The self-defense classes were amazing! I was able to release the stress that I have been storing up for so many years, the training was also therapeutic. Every move we learnt was relevant and practical to face the different kinds of threats or situations on a day to day scenario. With regard to my work style and work, there are many situations where I can feel powerless, but I felt encouraged to face the different situations you mentioned at the training. I was also very touched by the way you taught the children so compassionately and with so much warmth.”
--– Anu George Canjanathoppil, Director - National Strategy & Interventions, INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE MISSION® (Delhi) (2015)

The associations with Belle and Green Tara project with Save Our Sisters programme is a prestigious association for Save The Children India. We had never expected that the victims of human trafficking will be benefited so much with the interventions. It is much beyond a self defense training. Every time Belle is in the campus and training girls we observe visible change in their body language , self esteem and confidence. It has helped girls to recognize not only physical but also mental strength and Confidence to use it to better their life. I always admire Belle's passion and commitment to the cause and would certainly like her to visit us more often than just once in a year
-- Vaibhavi Taylor, Program Coordinator, Save Our Sisters program for Save the Children – India (Mumbai) (2015)

We all had so much fun and all of the ladies that attended all want to come back for another session. The session was fantastic. They loved the stories to go along with the physical techniques. The clients loved the hands on as well since most of them have never had the opportunity to learn how to defend themselves
-- Program Coordinator, Chicago-based domestic abuse shelter (2014)

We realized [GTP] was not only doing sessions in defense techniques but also in enhancing confidence building of girls. The girls discovered a new self in them and ‘I cannot do this’ turned to ‘I can do anything’ for all the girls
-- Jyoti Nale-Tajane, Senior Program Officer Save Our Sisters (Save the Children -Mumbai) (2012)

Through Green Tara Project, a girl not just learns self defense, she learns to value herself and respect herself more.
-- James Goes, former COO, Project Crayons (Mumbai) (2012)