National Human Trafficking Hotline Open 24/7 1-888-3737-888

Participate In Change

Participate In Change

We admit it – we’re kind of hyper. We like action, taking action, being on the ground, holding pads, and empowering the broken to heal. We believe in making a difference, and we have the ability to create positive change right now, today, with your help.

By supporting Green Tara Project, you participate in this change. When you give your interest, your time, your mind or your hard earned dollars, you allow us to reach more girls and to keep shining a light on the darkness of human trafficking.

Participating in change is as simple as:

  • Sharing our Facebook posts and our Tweets
  • Foregoing a fancy coffee and donating that coin to us instead
  • Contributing your services
  • Hosting a fundraising event

Whatever your level of participation, we thank you from the bottom of our kickpads.

For more details on how you can make an impact and participate in change, see the navigation bar (at left).