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Program Overview

Green Tara Project offers a variety of self defense classes ranging from an 8-hour certification class to short duration seminars, from train-the-trainer classes to custom workshops.

Our offerings cover three main themes:

Teaching women to identify the signals and behaviors of predators can eliminate physical altercations altogether. That is why Green Tara Project teaches:

  • Predator Identification
  • Pre-Incident Indicators
  • Situational Awareness

For those times when Proactive Self Defense techniques may not be applicable, women and girls should have Reactive Self Defense techniques ready. Green Tara Project teaches a handful of tried-and-true physical techniques that can interrupt an assault, allowing time to escape to safety.

  • Techniques Drilled Repetitively to Lock In Muscle Memory
  • Optimize Female Strengths Against Attacker’s Weaknesses
  • Maximize Effectiveness by Hitting a Pad, Not Air

When abuse happens, self esteem and self confidence vanish. Women and girls may escape an abusive environment, but they have a harder time surviving the psychological effects of that environment. Green Tara Project’s program delivery incorporates Cognitive Behavioral Skills that can jump start and accelerate healing from deep psychological wounds.

  • Moving from Victim- to Victor-Based Experience Framework
  • Boundary Setting
  • Power of Choice
  • Experiencing Control