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How To Work With Us

Green Tara Project works with a variety of corporate entities, non-government organizations (NGOs), educational institutions, associations, and individuals to provide the most relevant self defense training possible.

We work with you to develop:

  • One Time Seminars or Workshops
  • Multi-Day Classes for Certificate
  • Train-the-Trainer Classes
  • Ongoing Self Defense Program Development and Support

Every client and person Green Tara Project works with is unique with regards to time available, physical abilities, location, and self defense interests.

Green Tara Project developed the following approach to each self defense project:

  • Introductory phone call. This call will determine if Green Tara Project is the right fit for you.
  • Requirements gathering. If Green Tara Project is determined to be the right fit, follow up will be conducted by email and/or phone to gather specifics as to your needs and the needs of the people or organization you serve.
  • Scope. Based on information gathered in Step 2, Green Tara Project will work with you to craft a scope for the class, seminar, or workshop that fulfills your needs.
  • Execute. Green Tara Project will execute the project that has collaboratively been created for your needs.

To get started on your self defense program, contact us at