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Note to SelfDate: 28/7/2010

Note to self #1: It might be a good idea not to wait so long as to have to have all 7 vaccines done in one day (human pincushion anyone?). Note to self #2: It might be wise not to go to karate practice after getting said vaccines, especially if someone is optimistically aiming a kick for your head when their leg will only reach your upper arm exactly where some pincushioning occurred… Note to self #3: When did I get a penchant for visiting a country that continues to have diseases that most of the rest of the world (developed or not) seems to have eradicated? I mean really, I look on map that shows the occurrences of polio in the world. Except for India (which is blood red indicating “endemic conditions”), and bits of Africa, polio is gone. Japanese encephalitis? Nowhere in the world - except India. Oy. Note to self #4: That feeling of gratitude I got yesterday when I heard that I had indeed managed to snag one of the only 6 air conditioned rooms at the hotel I will be staying at? Keep that feeling, for the whole trip, the whole year, my whole life. Note to self #5: Be thankful for my family and friends who love and support me even though I am riddled with vaccines and needle holes.

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