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The HospitalDate: 27/8/2010

I got a little reminder of why I am not allowed to roam free here as I was heading home from Uttari Rampur. We had passed a hospital on the way to the school, and I wanted to get a picture of it. Imagine a four-story apartment building in Cabrini Green in Chicago, then you'll get an idea of what this hospital looks like, and why I wanted a picture of it. Well, in fact, here it is: I truly couldn't believe that this was a place people went to when they got sick. Anyway, Dheeraj stopped the motorbike, and within the time it took me to get off the bike, take ten steps, take the picture, then return to the bike, a crowd of about 30 people had formed. I kid you not. So, what is one thing I am missing? Anonymity, and the ability to go anywhere without drawing a crowd.

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