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Letter From IndiaDate: 17/1/2011

Looking out the front doors of A2W2 The following is a letter I received today from Dheeraj, my intrepid motorbike chaffeur-karate partner-escort: “Dear, Ritu is fine and her mother is fine and they are very miss to you they asked me if where are you this time Babuan's cows are very miss you and they are doing not karate so i am very sad but no probleme because in babuan some girls are doing karate in self-defents and they are very happy this time. All student are continue class presentation so i am very happy.” And I am very happy. I would like to clarify the cow reference. Cows, as well as dogs, goats, small children, wander freely in that part of the world. As my classes in Babuan were conducted in an alley bordered by a cow pen, there was one time, in the middle of a class, that a cow came meandering into our midst. And I shouted at the cow in Hindi, “Only girls! I only teach girls karate! Cow karate is tomorrow!” which everyone thought very funny.

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