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Happy New Year and Happy New Updates!Date: 9/1/2012

Things have been quiet here on the blog front as GTP concluded 2011 by focusing on laying its organizational groundwork. We want GTP to last, so we've spent a lot of time in 2011 noodling on what we want to build and how to build it starting with a solid foundation. To that end, we did a lot of unglamorous work such as researching, business plan writing (ugh), and form filling and submitting (double ugh). While not noteworthy in the grand scheme of things, this work is essential to GTP's growth into a fully functioning non-profit dedicated to empowering at-risk women and children. Here's a brief summary of what we accomplished: Formation of Board Incorporation Bank Account 501(c)(3) Filing GTP has PayPal Formation of Board - Three people have joined GTP's efforts in the last six months. Not only have they been instrumental in keeping things going during unglamorous activities such as filling out paperwork (loads and loads of it), and fine print reading on forms, but they've provided much laughter and food, two things a person or organization should never be without. These people will be officially announced on a “Board Members” page that will be added to this post soon. Incorporation - GTP received its incorporation on October 25, 2010. Bank Account - In December, GTP established its own bank account. 501(c)(3) Filing - Also in December, GTP filed for tax exemption status. We are aware that receiving a final dispensation could take several months. However, our legal advisor has stated that donations can still be accepted, and receipts for those donations issued, so our work can proceed. PayPal - GTP has set up a PayPal account to accept donations. While money is always nice, we also have need for skills and equipment. See our ‘Please Donate' page (left sidebar) for details on how to support GTP. Stayed tuned for upcoming posts this week, which will include: - GTP's goals for 2012 - A note of thanks to GTP supporters - Recognition of January being ‘Anti-Trafficking Month' - Announcement of new self defense and karate projects here in Illinois and abroad Thanks for reading!

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