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GTP's First Remote Trainer: Nilofar KhanDate: 10/1/2013

Belle giving Nilofar a piggyback, 2013) We have been blessed to have trained our very first remote trainer at Save Our Sisters, Nilofar (pronounce: nee-LO-fer) Khan. Nilofar has worked at Save Our Sisters since 2002 and is a trained social worker. She was in the first-ever class we did at SOS in April 2012, and she gave it her all every class. If you were to see her on the street, Nilofar would stand out: her short stature, perky features, sunny smile and curly hair pulled into a high ponytail make her look like a pixie - a real kick butt pixie! This mother of grown sons packs quite a punch just with her eyes. Forget daggers. When she is talking about injustice and assaults against women, her whole being transforms and she shoots spears from her eyes. She is a wonderful role model for the girls. Even while training in self defense for herself, she was also learning beauty and hair skills to assist them in that training, as well. So, please join me in congratulating Nilofar in her new role as Save Our Sisters Self Defense Teacher!

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