Who We Work With

Green Tara Project provides self defense instruction and classes to those who need them most: marginalized, ostracized, and impoverished women and children, particularly those who have been or may be touched by the crime of human trafficking. We do this by partnering with various organizations and institutions who do not otherwise have this training available.

Types of Organizations

  • Multi-national anti-trafficking non-profit organizations
  • Survivor-focused organizations
  • Women’s empowerment organizations
  • Higher education institutions such as colleges, polytechnics and universities
  • Sororities

Our Model

We have a multi-tiered model to provide services:

Tier 1 – Green Tara Project travels to organization locations anywhere in the world and teaches classes directly to women and children. Tier 1 classes are supported by donations and grants, and are free to organizations.

Tier 2 – Recognizing that a woman’s self defense needs cannot be addressed by a one-time class, Green Tara Project consults with organizations to establish continuous learning aimed at providing ongoing self defense program. Such programs focus on bi-weekly or monthly meetings that review physical techniques, showcase new techniques or scenarios, troubleshoot personal safety issues faced by individuals in the group, and promote pre-indicent predator identification. Green Tara Project can provide Train-the-Trainer classes for organizational staff who will be assisting in the ongoing self training. Tier 2 support is provided for a fee based on the needs and resources of the organization.

Tier 3 - Green Tara Project provides training to organization staff who are interested in learning self defense for themselves and their position within the organization.

Tier 4 – Green Tara Project provides customized self defense classes for corporate or social group functions, including women’s groups and sororities.

Want Green Tara Project to visit your organization? Contact info.greentaraproject@gmail.com