Program Overview

Green Tara Project offers a variety of self defense classes ranging from an 8-hour certification class to short duration seminars, from train-the-trainer classes to custom workshops.

Our offerings cover three main themes:

Proactive Self Defense

Teaching women to identify the signals and behaviors of predators can eliminate physical altercations altogether.
That is why Green Tara Project teaches:

  • Predator Identification
  • Pre-Incident Indicators
  • Situational Awareness

Reactive Self Defense

For those times when Proactive Self Defense techniques may not be applicable, women and girls should have Reactive Self Defense techniques ready. Green Tara Project teaches a handful of tried-and-true physical techniques that can interrupt an assault, allowing time to escape to safety.

  • Techniques Drilled Repetitively to Lock In Muscle Memory
  • Optimize Female Strengths Against Attacker’s Weaknesses
  • Maximize Effectiveness by Hitting a Pad, Not Air

Cognitive Behavioral Skills for Healing

When abuse happens, self esteem and self confidence vanish. Women and girls may escape an abusive environment, but they have a harder time surviving the psychological effects of that environment. Green Tara Project’s program delivery incorporates Cognitive Behavioral Skills that can jump start and accelerate healing from deep psychological wounds.

  • Moving from Victim- to Victor-Based Experience Framework
  • Boundary Setting
  • Power of Choice
  • Experiencing Control