What Makes Us Different

10 ways Green Tara Project is not your Grandmother’s Self Defense

We emphasize that the most effective self defense is never having to physically fight someone. Our classes, therefore, focus on teaching pre-assault, pre-incident indicators through role playing predator behavior scenarios.
Our classes are free for women and girls who need them the most: the rescued, the impoverished, the illiterate, and the marginalized who live in highly predatory environments.
We have experience teaching highly traumatized trafficking survivors who find healing and benefit from the cognitive skill building that is incorporated in the classes.
We teach physical techniques that are simple to learn, easy to remember, and for any female regardless of her age or level of physical fitness.
We know that self defense does not come from a one time class and encourage women to make it an ongoing activity.
Building confidence and self esteem is not an optional soft skill; it is the lynchpin of personal security. Green Tara Project classes are structured to improve self esteem and build real self confidence.
All classes are taught by females.
Classes are culturally sensitive.
We are constantly learning and adapting new techniques and approaches to make our classes as relevant as possible.